STA 3000F: Theoretical Statistics

Office Hours W 12-2, or by appointment

Final Test December 6 10.00-13.00, SS 2128


December 15: Comments on the test

December 13: Comments on HW 4

December 2: HW 4 needs several amendments. You can find a new version here.

December 2: Solutions to HW 3.

November 29: I will be in the office Wednesday, December 4 from 10 to 3. I will not be available on December 5, but should be able to check email in the evening.

November 24: Homework 4, due December 6. Some notes on composite testing, for use with HW 4.

November 24: The test on December 6 is in SS 2128, 10.00 - 13.00. Closed book, 4 questions. 1 on modelling, 2 on likelihood based inference, 1 on testing
Test from 2011, with solutions. Q3 will not be relevant to you, and Q4, as noted, was too lengthy for a test, and should have been Q3 in this homework.

November 17: Here are some notes on HW 3. Also, small corrections have been made to the questions.

November 8: No office hours on Wednesday, November 13. I will be available in the Fields Institute foyer after Xiao-Li Meng's talk to answer questions about HW3.

November 6: Homework 3 available, due November 22.

November 6:
Notes on Homework 2.

November 3: On November 15 we will meet at 10.10 at the Fields Institute, Room 210

October 29: Please hold December 6 10-1 for the December test.

October 29:
Some comments on HW1, Q1.

October 20: Informal discussion of the sufficiency of the likelihood map, from Fraser's Probability and Statistics.
A pdf of the book is available at
A more technical treatment by Fraser and Naderi can be found here.

October 11: HW 2 posted below.
Due November 1.

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November 29

  • Slides!
  • Annotated
  • Chris Genovese's talk on false discovery rates.
    See also Lecture 17 of Wasserman's online notes
  • Note on multiple testing. But see Wasserman, L17, for neater notes.