Andrey Feuerverger: Brief Bio

Andrey Feuerverger holds a B.Sc. (Honours Mathematics) from McGill University and a Ph.D. (Statistics) from the University of California, Berkeley. Currently, he is a Professor of Statistics at the University of Toronto. Over the years he has visited numerous universities and research facilities, including A.E.C.L., A.T.&T./Bell-Labs, the Australian National University, U.C. Berkeley, Grenoble (Univ J. Fourier & I.N.R.I.A.), Jerusalem, Stanford, Sydney, and Tel Aviv, and has given conference and seminar presentations at many locations including Banff, Boston, Chicago, China, Columbia, Cornell, Greece,Italy, Oberwolfach, Prague, Spain, Tokyo, and Zurich.

He has broad research interests primarily (but not exclusively) in statistical theory and applications, and has authored over fifty refereed scientific publications. He has also taught a wide variety of courses in statistics at every imaginable level and class size.

He is proud of the fact that his Erdos number is 3 (earned in two different ways) and that he holds one pending U.S. Patent.

He is an elected Fellow of the I.M.S.