Andrey Feuerverger: Teaching

I have taught undergraduate statistics courses at all levels and class sizes (including STA 199Y, 222Y,  242Y, 250H, 252Y, 262Y, and 352Y); as well as undergraduate courses in Probability; Time Series; Multivariate Theory; Applied Multivariate; etc., and have pioneered in the use of  in-class demonstrations with statistical computing software .

Graduate courses I have taught include Mathematical Statistics; Estimation & Testing; Advanced Theory of Statistics (STA 3000Y); Probability Theory; Statistical Consulting; Sample Surveys -- Advanced Theory & Methods; Multivariate Theory; Applied Multivariate; Time Series -- Frequency Domain; Time Series -- Time Domain; Time Series -- Advanced Topics; Asymptotic Methods; Bootstrap, Edgeworth & Saddlepoint Approximations; Topics in Theoretical Statistics; as well as the following courses which are linked to outlines:

Wavelets: Theory & Applications

Statistical Inverse Problems

Statistical Methods for Investment and Finance

I have also been involved in the design of many courses as well as graduate and undergraduate programs, and assisted in establishing the Masters in Mathematical Finance Program.

For detailed information about graduate programmes offered in my Department, please click here.