Data Analysis with SAS: An Open Textbook

This is the home page for Data Analysis: An Open Textbook. The text is free, and deliberately modeled on open source software. The source code is mostly LaTeX, and the compiled binary "program" is a PDF file. The pictures in the text are pdf files, included in the document using the LaTeX graphicx package. Most of them were produced with R. The R code appears as comment statements in the LaTeX source. At least one additional graphics file is in the open and modifiable SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format produced by the Open Office drawing program.

There are also (temporarily, I trust) three sections in that were produced using WriteNow, an obsolete and proprietory Mac word processing program. The pdfs of these parts (Section 5.9 on interactions in regression, Section 7.4 on nested designs and random effects, and Chapter 8 on selecting sample size) are brought directly into the document using the \texttt{pdfpages} package. I have translated the material from WriteNow to The results are pretty rough, but the documents are provided below in lieu of source code.

Currently the only author is Jerry Brunner, but that could change if others feel like adding to the book.

This is a preliminary version, with plenty of typos and no doubt some outright mistakes. However, you are welcome to it under the conditions of the GNU Free Document License.