Recordings With Howard Roberts As Sideman, 1970-1992

Let It Be - Bud Shank With The Bob Alcivar Singers

1970(?) - World Pacific Jazz
Selections: Let It Be (J. Lennon-P. McCartney), Games People PLay (J. South), Something (G. Harrison), Long Time Gone (T. Ritter-F. Harford), Both Sides Now (J. Mitchell), Love's Been Good To Me (J. Peppers), A Famous Myth (J.M. Comanor), Didn't We (J. Webb), Long And Winding Road (J. Lennon-P. McCartney), For Once In My Life (R. Miller-O. Murden).
Personnel: arranger - B. Alcivar, alto sax - Bud Shank, piano and organ - Roger Kellaway, Larry Knechtel, Michael Lang, guitar - Howard Roberts, Dennis Budimir, Michael Anthony, bass - Carol Kaye, drums - John Guerin, vocals - John Bahler, Loren Farber, Ronald Hicklin, Gordon Mitchell, Louis Morford, Ian Freebairn-Smith, Sally Stevens, Susan Tallman, Jackie Ward.
Comments: Thanks to Adrian Pellew's eagle eye for this one.

Nilsson by Tipton - George Tipton

1970 - Warner Bros. 1867
Selections with H.R.: Maybe (Nilsson).
Personnel: None listed except that Howard Roberts is featured on one song and Dennis Budimir on another.
Comments: Nice job by H.R. on this song and also by Dennis Budimir on his feature Without Her. See Roger Smith's website on Nilsson .

Great Scott! - Tom Scott

1970 - A&M Records - SP4330
Selections: Lookin' Out For Number Seven (T. Scott), Woodstock ( J. Mitchell), Mantra (T. Scott), Boss Walk (T. Scott), Liberation (T. Scott), Dahomey Dance (J. Coltrane), Visions Off The Highway (T. Scott), Malibu (T. Scott).
Personnel: piano - Mike Wofford, guitar - Howard Roberts, Larry Carlton, bass - Ray Brown, Jerry Scheff, Chuck Domanico, drums - John Guerin, saxes, flute, clarinet - Tom Scott, Bud Shank, Arthur Gleghorn, Dominic Fera, Bill Hood, english horn - Gene Cipriano, bassoon - Don Christlieb, percussion - Emil Richards, Victor Feldman.
Session: L.A. 1970.
Comments: H.R. plays on Lookin' Out For Number Seven, Boss Walk, Dahomey Dance and Visions Off The Highway but does not solo.

Gandharva/In A Wild Sanctuary - Beaver and Krause

1970/71 - Warner Bros. - two albums reissued on one CD. In A Wild Sanctuary was issued in 1969 and Gandharva was issued in 1971.
Selections : - all selections by Paul Beaver and Bernie Krause - In A Wild Sanctuary - Another Part of Time, And There Was Morning, Spaced, So Long As The Waters Flow, Aurora Hominis, Salute To The Vanishing Bald Eagle, People's Park, Walking Green Algae Blues, Sanctaury. - Gandharva - Soft/White, Saga Of The Blue Beaver, Nine Moons In Alaska, Walkin', Walkin' By The River, Gandharva, By Your Grace, Good Places, Short Film For David, Bright Shadows.
Personnel : moog and organ - Paul Beaver, moog and guitar - Bernie Krause, organ - Dave Grusin, percussion, Milt Holland, flute - Bud Shank, guitar - Howard Roberts, Mike Bloomfield, Rik Elswit, Ronnie Montrose, bass - Ray Brown, Rod Ellicott, piano - Lamont Johnson, Mike Lang, harp - Gail Laughton, baritone sax, Gerry Mulligan, vocals - Patrice Hollaway, Evangeline Carmichael, Vanetta Fields, Ron Lee Hicklin, , Bill King, Bernie Krause, Lewis Morford, Edna Wright, drums - Lee Charlton.
Comments: Nice bluesy guitar on Walking Green Algae Blues by H.R. Interesting music generally on these recordings - in the same spirit as H.R.'s Antelope Freeway and Equinox Express Freeway. The last 5 cuts were recorded in Grace Cathedral, San Francisco in 1969 by a group consisting of Howard Roberts, Gerry Mulligan, Bud Shank, Gail Laughton, Paul Beaver and Bernie Krause. Some excellent music and H.R. is great on Short Film for David. Supposedly there was a documentary film made of this event by Warner Bros. - one of the first music videos (see a snippet here). Thanks to Bernie Krause for some additional details. Bernie is involved with a company that produces recordings of nature sounds throughout the world - a direct development from the In A Wild Sanctuary album. He worked many sessions with H.R. and recalls him as very quiet with "major abilities and talent". I've seen many references where Bernie is cited as one of the key pioneers in electronic music. There are also some interesting comments in Into a Wild Sanctuary - A Life in Music and Natural Sound - by Bernie Krause, Heyday Books, 1998. It seems Walking Green Algae Blues, which featured H.R. was adopted as the theme song by the Green Party in Germany by Daniel Cohn-Bendit. Also some interesting comments and photos of the Grace Cathedral concert are in this book. Also this article describes the first commercial quadraphonic recording.

Organic Sound - Rieber Hovde, Howard Roberts, Ed Thigpen

1970's - EST Records, EST-2001 (on tape).
Selections : Put Your Hand In The Hand (MacLellan), Everybody's Talkin' (Echoes) (Fred Neil), Don't Worry About Me (Blum), Avenida Atlantica (Hovde), Opus And Interlude (Cadena), Look To Love (Hovde), Greensleeves.
Personnel : guitar - Howard Roberts, drums - Ed Thigpen, organ - Rieber Hovde.
Comments : This is a live recording from the Sea Wolf Restaurant in Oakland, CA. H.R. is very prominent and plays excellently. Beautiful guitar on Don't Worry About Me and Greensleeves in particular. Thanks to Don Jansen for bringing this to my attention.

The Baby Maker

1970 - ODE 70, SP-77002.
Selections: All selections composed by Fred Karlin with lyrics by Tylwth Kymry. Third Month (Karlin-Kymry), People Come, People Go (Karlin-Kymry), Tish (Karlin-Kymry), Blue Paint (Karlin-Kymry), Suzanne at the Pond (Karlin-Kymry), Lotus Baby Pant'n Mantra Blues (Karlin-Kymry), Doctor's Office (Karlin-Kymry), Ninth Month What Do Ya Do? (Karlin-Kymry).
Personnel: woodwinds - Buddy Collette, Plas Johnson, Ted Nash, Gene Cipriano, Bud Shank, guitars - James Burton, Bill Powell, David Cohen, Howard Roberts, Alton Hendrickson, drums - John Guerin, Randy Fuller, flute - Ronald Longinger, Ralph Vitlin, bass - Joe Osborne, percussion - Emil Richards, piano - Michael Melvoin, Andrea Powell, organ - Clark Spangle, Dwayne Bryant, Ole Blue group - Dwayne Bryant, Andrea Powell, Bill Powell, Randall Fuller.
Session: 1970, L.A.
Comments: H.R. Only discernible in a couple of places. One nice tune Doctor's Office features a nice guitar duet that sounds a bit like Guitars Inc. from the 1950's so I'm guessing Al Hendrickson and H.R. on this.

Constant Throb - John Klemmer

1971 - Impulse! AS-9214.
Selections: All selections by Klemmer. Constant Throb Part 1, Constant Throb Part 2, Neptune, Let Me Touch the Wind, California Jazz Dance, Rainbows, Crystaled Tears, Precious Leaf.
Personnel: tenor and soprano sax - John Klemmer, alto flute and bass clarinet - Don Menza, Rhodes and clavinet - Mike Wofford, piano and Rhodes - Mike Lang, bass - Reggie Johnson and Wicton Felder, drums - Shelly Manne, percussion - Gary Coleman and Mark Stevens, vocal - Marni Nixon, guitar - Howard Roberts.
Session: August 19, 1971.
Comments: H.R. plays on Let Me Touch the Wind and Crystaled Tears. Many thanks to Mitch Holder for this.

Rock Requiem - Lalo Schifrin

1971 - Verve V6-8801.
Selections: All selections by Schifrin. The Procression, Introit, Kyrie Eleison, Gradual, Tract, Offertory Verse, Canctus Benedictus, Agnus Dei, Final Prayer.
Personnel: flutes and saxophone - Tom Scott, oboes - John Ellis, William Criss, bassoons - Donald Christlieb, Jack Marsh, french horns - George Proce, David Duke, William Hinshaw, trumpets - Buddy Childers, Ray Triscari, Bud Brisbois, William Luening, Dalton Smith, trombones - Richard Noel, Lew McGreary, James Henderson, Milton Bernhardt, tuba - Roger Bobo, John Johnson, piano - Larry Muhoberac, Lalo Schifrin, Ralph Grierson, organ - Larry Knechtel, Mike Melvoin, bass - Max Bennett, drums - Ronald Tutt, conga - King Errison, percussion - Larry Bunker, Ken Watson, Emil Richards, Joe Porcaro, tambourine - Bobbye Porter, Sandra Crouch, guitar - Howard Roberts, Dennis Budimir, Louis Shelton, Louis Morell.
Session: MGM Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA, 1971.
Comments: Interesting music with H.R. making some good contributions. The Benson fuzz is quite noticeable on one tune!

Dirty Harry Anthology - Lalo Schifrin

1971 - issued on CD as Aleph Records 003 in 1998.
Selections with H.R. Dirty Harry's Creed (Schifrin).
Personnel: None listed.
Comments: This CD is a compilation of music from the various Dirty Harry movies which were all scored by Lalo Schifrin and issued on Schifrin's own record label. As far as I know H.R. played only on the first Dirty Harry movie which was called Dirty Harry. He may be on other selections on this disk but there is no mistaking his trademark tone and use of the volume pedal on this selection. Great music but they should give appropriate musician credits!

The Age of Steam - Gerry Mulligan

1971 - A&M
Selections:One To Ten In Ohio (Mulligan), K-4 Pacific (Mulligan), Grand Tour (Mulligan), Over The Hill And Out Of The Woods (Mulligan), Country Beaver (Mulligan), A Weed In Disneyland (Mulligan), Golden Notebooks (Mulligan), Maytag (Mulligan).
Personnel: piano - Gerry Mulligan, Roger Kellaway, bass - Chuck Domanico, drums - John Guerin, Joe Porcaro, guitar - Howard Roberts, percussion - Emil Richards, Joe Porcaror, trumpet - Harry Edison, Roger Bobo, trombone - Bob Brookmeyer, Jimmy Cleveland, Ken Shroyer, saxophone - Bud Shank, Tom Scott, Ernie Watts, Gerry Mulligan.
Comments: This album is discussed, with many references to Howard Roberts in Listen: Gerry Mulligan by Jerome Klinkowitz, Schirmer Books, 1991. There are some nice contributions by H.R. on this album. A DVD based on this album has been released in 2004. This was put together by Gerry Mulligan's widow and includes interviews with some of the participants, the charts and a master class given by Gerry Mulligan. This is a highly recommended package. In an interview with the producer Stephen Goldman he mentions that he was responsible for getting H.R. involved and Bob Brookmeyer mentions that there was a guitar player involved whose name he doesn't quite remember. I must say, after listening to this album once again after some years, that H.R.'s contributions are outstanding. More than his solos his rhythm playing just adds so much. He developed a very personal "funky" rhythm style that I don't hear from other guitar players in the jazz genre. Of course I'm biased, but for me he is the star of this album.

50 Guitars Go South Of The Border - The 50 Guitars Of Tommy Garrett

1971 - Liberty (on tape).
Selections : Guadalajara, Come Closer To Me, Frenesi, Be Mine Tonight, Adios, La Virgen De La Macarena, Besame Mucho, You Belong To My Heart, La Bamba, Perfidia, South Of The Border, Granada.
Personnel : guitars - Howard Roberts, Barney Kessel, Al Viola, Bob Bain, Tiny Timbrell, Bill Pitman and Jose Barroso and I presume 43 others not named!

Lorez Alexandria

1971 - a selection on a CD called Misty Blue BN 5-21151-2 released in 1999.
Selections with H.R.: I Wish I Knew (Warren-Gordon).
Personnel: piano - Jack Wilson, guitar - Howard Roberts and no other personnel are identified in a big band.
Session: L.A. Aug. 10, 1971.
Comments: H.R. is not discernible. Two other tracks were recorded at this session but remain unissued, namely, Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe and By Myself/Alone Together.

Gloria Lynne - A Very Gentle Sound

1972 - Mercury SRM-1-633
Selections: Kickin' Life (Like An Old Tin Can) (Gay-Lynne), I Got Your Love (Gay-Lynne), A Very gentle Sound (Allen), Never My Love (Addrisi-Addrisi), The reason Why (Peters), Just Let Me Be Me (Gay), A Sadness For Things (Kaye-Grreene-Flemister), The Summer Knows (Legran-Bergmen-Bergmen), More Lynne (Lynne).
Personnel: vocals - Gloria Lynne, flute - Don Menza, William E. Green, electric bass - Wayne Douglas, string bass - Reginald Johnson, Arni Egilsson, Monty R. Budwig, drums - Harvey Mason, harpsichord - Jerry Peters, organ - Sonny Burke, vibes - Victor Feldman, Larry Bunker, percussion - Harvey Mason, Victor Feldman, harp - Gail Laughton, guitar - Robert Bowles, Howard Roberts, Ron Anthony, trumpet - Paul J. Hubinon, A.D. Brisbois, trombone - Chauncey Welsch, cello - Ron Cooper, Jesse Ehrlich, viola - Rollice Dale, Myron, Sandler, Harry Hyams, violin, Janice Gower, Charles Veal, Betty Lamagna, Murry Adler, Carl Lamagna, Elliott Fisher, Blanche Belnick, Leonard Atkins, sax and oboe - William E. Green, french horn - Robert L. Watt, Marlyn Robinson, background singers, Jessica, Patricia Holloway, Stephanie Spruill, Maxine Willard, Jerry Butler, Jerry Peters.
Session: Seems to have been recorded in Memphis and Hollywood. My guess is that the jazzier numbers were recorded in Hollywood, February 7, 1972.
Comments: A mix of r&b and jazz stylings. There is some very nice guitar work on the tune A Very Gentle Sound that s definitely H.R. In fact this is the nicest musical moment on the album.

All Good Men - Beaver and Krause ... with Friends

1972 - Warner Bros. BS2624.
Selections with HR : A Real Slow Drag (S. Joplin), Looking Back Now (Anderson-Krause).
Personnel : guitar and banjo - Howard Roberts, moog, sonic V, piano, organ - Paul Beaver, moog, sonic V, organ, guitar, vocals - Bernie Krause, percussion - Victor Feldman, drums - Jim Keltner, piano - Mike Lang, bass - Ray Pohlman, cello - Jesse Ehrlich, violin - James Getzoff, William Kurasch, Sidney Sharp, Tibor Zelig, viola - Harry Hyams, French horn - James Decker, William Hinshaw, Trombone - Dick Hyde, trumpet - Ollie Mitchell, flute - Johnny Rotella, Bud Shank.
Comments: Just comping.

Robb Kunkel - Abyss

1973 - Tumbleweed Records Inc.
Selections: You Were The Morning (Stockwell), Whispermuse (Kunkel), Country Blues (Kunkel), O Light (Kunkel), Abyss (Kunkel), Monterrey (Kunkel), Ten Summers (Kunkel), Airhammer Eddie (Kunkel), Playa de Bagdad (Kunkel), Turn of the Century (Kunkel).
Personnel : vocals, guitars, piano, tamboura - Robb Kunkel, guitar and vocals - Danny Holien, drums, percussion - Gregory Hammel, vocals - Willy Seltzer, fender bass - Stephen Swenson, guitar and banjo - Howard Roberts, bass - Ray Brown, Jimmie Bond, percussion, congas - Victor Feldman, vocals- Diana Lee, airhammer - Ed Michel, violin - Murry Adler, James Getoff, viola - David Schwartz, cello - Ray Kelly, flute, alto sax - Bud Shank, oboe - Bob Cooper, bass clarinet - Plas Johnson, clarinet - Bill Perkins, producer - Ed Michel.
Session: April, June and October, 1972 at The Village Recorder, Los Angeles.
Comments: Interesting recording by singer/songwriter Robb Kunkel. Lots of Howard Roberts on this. Robb told me that he personally requested that he play on this recording..

Free Beer and Chicken - John Lee Hooker

1974 - MCA Records Ltd. and reissued in 1991 by BGO Records.
Selections with H.R.: 713 Blues, 714 Blues, Homework.
Personnel :
guitar - John Lee Hooker, Howard Roberts, Hollywood Fats, Wa-Wa Watson (Melvin Ragin), violins - Sugarcane Harris, Hohner clavinet - Clifford Coulter, Fender bass - Skip Olson, drums - Ken Swank, bass drum.
Session: May 14, 1974, at The Village Recorder, Los Angeles.
Comments: Wa-Wa Watson replaces Hollywood Fats on Homework. Album doesn't list personnel. Details come from the producer Ed Michel who also produced H.R.'s Antelope Freeway album. H.R. is playing the Broadcaster. Many thanks to jazz record collector C.C. Weijman of Utrecht, Netherlands for this.

Terry - Terry Garthwaite

1975 - Arista Al 4055.
Selections with H.R.: Changing Colors (T. Brown), Robbin's Nest (Sir Charles Thompson, Illinois Jacquette, Bob Russell), What More (T. Garthwaite).
Personnel: piano - Roger Kellaway, guitar - Howard Roberts, bass - Ron Carter, Chuck Domanico, drums - John Guerin.
Comments: H.R. is only on few cuts and is only comping at that but it is effectively done. I'm only guessing at what tracks he is on but it certainly sounds like him on the ones I have listed.

Tom Scott in L.A. - Tom Scott

1975 - Flying Dutchman BDL1-0833.
Selections with H.R.: Head Start (T. Scott), Beatle Ballads a. Blackbird, b. Julia, c. I Will (Lennon-McCartney), Freaky Zeke (T. Scott).
Personnel: alto sax and flutes - Tom Scott, Bill Perkins, guitar - Howard Roberts, piano - Roger Kellaway, bass - Chuck Domanico, vibes - Gary Coleman, drums - Jimmy Gordon, trumpets - Buddy Childers, Paul Hubinon, Gary Barone, trombone - Bob Brookmeyer, Mike Barone, George Bohanon, Ernie Tack, french horn - Bob Henderson, tenor sax - Pete Christlieb, baritone sax - Jim Horn, drums - John Guerin.
Comments: The Benson fuzz is used heavily. The solo on Freaky Zeke is the most rock influenced guitar playing by H.R. that I've heard. Head Start/Freaky Zeke were also issued on a 45. All of this material was originally issued in 1969 on the double album Head Start - Bob Thiele Emergency.

Hank Jones - Just For Fun

1977 - Galaxy - GXY5105
Selections: Interlude (Johnson), A Very Hip Rock And Roll Tune (Brown-Lefko), Lullaby (H. Jones), A Little Rascal On A Rock (T. Jones), Bossa Nouveau (Adams), Just For Fun (Cassey), Kids Are Pretty People (T. Jones).
Personnel:piano - Hank Jones, guitar - Howard Roberts, bass - Ray Brown, drums - Shelly Manne.
Comments: H.R. plays on A Very Hip Rock And Roll Tune, Bossa Nouveau and Kids Are Pretty People.

Bette Midler - Broken Blossom

1977 - Atlantic 80410-2
Selection with H.R. : Yellow Beach Umbrella (Doerge-Henske).
Personnel: vocals - Bette Midler, strings and horns arrangement - Artie Butler, keyboards - Craig Doerge, drums - Jim Kellner, percussion - Alan Estes, guitar and ukelele - Howard Roberts, bass - Max Bennett.
Comments: Nice song and a short solo by H.R. which sounds like it is on the ukelele.

Dave Burley's Cavalcade of Guitars

1977 - issued in 2011 by Dave Burley
Selection with H.R. : Lady Be Good, Body and Soul, Back Home In Indiana, Louie Bellson Drum Solo, When The Saints Go Marching In.
Personnel: bass - Slam Stewart, drums - Louis Nellson, tenor sax - Pete Christlieb, pedal steel guitar - Curley Chalker, Maurice Anderson, Julian Thorpe, Doug Jernigan, Buddy Emmons, guitar - Howard Roberts, Herb Ellis, Les Paul, Bucky Pizzarelli.
Comments: A recorded concert at a country night club called the "Longhorn Ballroom" in Dallas about 1977. The concert was called the "Cavalcade of Guitars". Wonderful playing by H.R. on this.

David Rose - Happy Heart

197? - Capitol ST8-0393
Selections: Happy Heart (Rae-Last), Wear Your Love Like Heaven (Donovan Leitch), Those Were the Days (Raskin), Hey Jude (Lennon-McCartney), Theme from Bracken's World (Rose), Workin' On A Groovy Thing (Atkins), Aquarius (MacDermot), This Guys In Love With You (David-Bacharach), I'm Lonely For You (Rose), Love Theme From Romeo and Juliet (Rota).
Personnel: arranger - David Rose, guitar - Howard Roberts and others unknown.
Comments: There are no personnel listed on the album and there seem to be a number of guitarists. But Workin' On A Groovy Thing has a fairly distinctive H.R. solo (tone is a little different though) and Aquarius has some fills that are almost certainly H.R. The bass on Workin' On A Groovy Thing is almost certainly Carole Kaye, what a great sound.

Jimmy Smith - The Cat Strikes Again ...

1980 - Laserlight
Selections: The Big Brawl, Down Here On The Ground, Layin' Low, Free Ride, Wersi Time, Where Is Magdalena?, Lonely Shepherd, In Search Of Truth, The Cat Strikes Again
Personnel: Arranged and conducted by Lalo Schifrin, Oscar Brashear, Jerry Hey - trumpet, Alan Kaplan - trombone, Gary Herbig, John Bolivar - sax and flute, Jimmy Smith - organ, Ronnie Foster - piano, Howard Roberts, Tim May, Dennis Budimir - guitar, Ray Brown - bass, Chuck Domanico - electric bass, Grady Tate - drums, Paulinho DaCosta - percussion.
Session: July 1980, Hollywood.
Comments: Some nice rhythm work and an unmistakable H.R. solo on Layin' Low.

Winter Moon - Art Pepper

1981 - Galaxy - CD
Selections:Our Song (Pepper), Here's That Rainy Day (Burke-Van Heusen), That's Love (Pepper), Winter Moon (Carmichael) When The Sun Comes Out (Koehler-Arlen), Blues In The Night (Arlen-Mercer), The Prisoner (Love Theme from Eyes of Laura Mars) (Lawrence-Desautels).
Personnel: alto sax, clarinet - Art Pepper, piano - Stanley Cowell, guitar - Howard Roberts, bass - Cecil McBee, drums - Carl Burnett.
Comments: Nice guitar effects on Winter Moon.

One September Afternoon - Art Pepper

1981 - Galaxy - CD
Selections: Mr Big Falls His J.G. Hand (Pepper), Close To You Alone (C. Mc Bee), There Will Never Be Another You (Gordon-Warren), Melolev (Pepper), Goodbye Again (S. Cowell), Brazil (A. Barrosa) There Will Never Be Another You (alternate take), Melolev (alternate take), Good Bye Again (alternate take).
Personnel: alto sax - Art Pepper, piano - Stanley Cowell, guitar - Howard Roberts, bass - Cecil Mcbee, drums - Carl Burnett.
Comments: H.R. plays on Mr Big and Brazil.

Music Minus One - Studio Session Backgrounds - Jazz Fusion

1983 MMO 2082
Selections: All selections were composed by Tom Collier. Padres's Dance, She's My Life, Tender Night, Black Hole, Ginger Snap.
Personnel: keyboards and percussion (and producer) - Tom Collier, guitar - Howard Roberts, bass - Dan Dean.
Session: Recorded at Mallet Head Music Productions, Seattle, Wash., spring, 1983.
Comments: A record to be used to gain some experience of what it is like to play in a studio setting. The record is accompanied by charts for the songs. One side is the whole band while the other side is minus the guitar. The music is quite good and H.R. plays a couple of nice solos. The music is very similar to the much of that found on the Turning To Spring album. Many thanks to Jeff Sherman for this. This material was reissued on CD 5910 by Music Minus One in 2000 called Jazz Improvisation: A Course in Improvising, Sight-reading and Ear Training by Tom Collier.

Diane Schur - Deedles

1985 - GRP.
Selections with H.R. : The Very Thought Of You (Ray Noble), New York State of Mind (Billy Joel), Teach Me Tonight (S. Cahn-G. DePaul), I'm Beginning To See The Light (D. Ellington-D. George-J. Hodges-H. James), I'll Close My Eyes (B. Kaye-B. Reid), Reverend Lee (E. McDaniels), I'm Just Foolin' Myself (J. Lawrence-P. Tinturin), Rock Me On The Water (J. Browne), Can't Stop A Woman In Love (B. Wyrick-R. Rapini), Amamzing Grace (Traditional).
Personnel : vocals - Diane Schur, piano - Dave Grusin, Yamaha DX-7 - Don Grusin, guitar - Howard Roberts, bass - Dan Dean, drums - Moyes Lucas, tenor sax - Stan Getz, guitar - Steve Khan, Simmons drums - Buddy Williams.
Comments : H.R. only comps but tastefully done. Several selections also appear on the 1989 GRP CD Diane Schur Collection.

Michael Tomlinson - Living Things

1991 - MESA R2 79029.
Selections with H.R.: Earth Roll On (Tomlinson).
Personnel: vocals and acoustic guitar - Michael Tomlinson, guitar - Howard Roberts, harmonica, E-3 footsteps, DX7 - Dan Dean, drums - Mark Ivester, bass - Chuck Deardorf, vocals - Kelly Harland.
Comments: A couple of obliggatos - nicely done. Perhaps H.R.'s last recording session.