Photo from a Backstage Pass Magazine, Number 4, 1980 published by Norlin.

Television Shows As A Featured Soloist

Here are some shows that Howard Roberts played on. When available I've added some snippets of his playing on the show and his daughter Madelyn Roberts has supplied some details.

I also have a CD of a number of TV themes that H.R. played on although I can't identify them all. This was compiled by John Hannum and Jay Koder of Portland, Oregon.

The Deputy

The Deputy was a television show which ran in weekly episodes from September 12, 1959 to Sept. 16, 1961 and starred Henry Fonda. Jack Marshall was in charge of the music and composed it all. He in turn hired Howard Roberts whose role was to freely improvise over the score that Marshall created. I have acquired a video containing the following episodes of this show:

The music is full of Howard Roberts' contributions with his guitar being the dominant voice. So you have a Western with a jazz guitar musical background! This seems like a very unique arrangement and I wonder if the music for any other television shows was produced in this way?

Movie Soundtracks Howard Roberts Played On

Howard Roberts was a featured solist on a number of significant movies working under the musical directors Lionel Newman (Twentieth Century Fox). Johnny Green (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer), Leith Stevens (Paramount Pictures), and Mischa Bachalonakof (Columbia Pictures).

A listing of movies that H.R. played on can be found at Jazz on the Screen" by typing "Howard Roberts" into the search engine.

The list below is compiled from an official legal document which gives all the films for which his estate receives payments for his participation. Many thanks to Patty Roberts for this information.

Movie and Television Appearances

Supposedly Howard Roberts appeared, as a member of the Pete Rugolo orchestra, in a 1955 film called A World of Beauty. I've never seen this film but the music is supposedly quite good. I also heard that he appeared in a episode of Dragnet.