STA2101: Methods of Applied Statistics I


STA442: Methods of Applied Statistics

University of Toronto, Fall 2011

Lecture Friday 2:10-5:00 p.m. Ramsay Wright 117

Office Hours Wednesday 11-1 and Friday 10-11 in SS6025


This page is under construction, and will be updated frequently throughout the course.

Office Hours Monday Dec 12th: 10am - noon.

Information about the final exam, including one last computer assignment.

If you are getting strange data errors trying to read data you've found online, check and see if the problem is with the last variable you're trying to read. If so, SAS for unix is probably choking on DOS/Windows line breaks. These are invisible characters that signal the end of a line, and they are not the same for the 2 operating systems. Say the data are called something like Try something like this:

      bash-3.00$ dos2unix < >

You'll see a couple of lines that look like error messages, like unable to open something, but don't worry. Are you able to read the data from