STA 441: Methods of Applied Statistics

University of Toronto Mississauga, Winter/Spring 2020

Instructor: Jerry Brunner

What to say about SAS (in a job interview).

I had a course where we used SAS OnDemand, so that's SAS Statistics running in the SAS Studio environment. We read data from plain test data files using a simple form of the input statement and we used proc import to read from Excel spreadsheets. We used assignment statements and if statements to create new variables, and proc format to label the values. We used arrays and do loops in the data step. We used proc reg and proc glm for univariate and multivariate regression and analysis of variance, and we used proc logistic for regular logistic regression and multinomial logit models. We used proc mixed as well as proc glm to analyze repeated measures data when the dependent variable was assumed normal. We used proc autoreg for time series analysis. We used proc nlmixed to fit mixed logistic models when the outcome was binary and repeated measures. We used ODS to send results to proc iml for further calculations, and we also used ODS select sometimes to limit the output.

If they ask about the put statement, say "Oh, that's like a print statement for writing on the log file."

If they ask about SASgraph , say "We didn't use it. My professor said it was scary."

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