Statistical Sciences Association of Students (UofT SSAS)

SSAS 2nd pic“Welcome to the University of Toronto  Statistical Sciences Association of Students (UofT SSAS) Webpage!

The club aims to broaden students’ understanding and importance of statistics in our everyday lives, while, at the same time, helping statistics to grow in popularity at firstly at this institution. Statistics tends to be an assistant to a vast majority of fields of study, with most taking the courses because of other program requirements. We will provide students with opportunities to meet with fellow colleagues that share common interest, and to learn from each other and communicate different ideas. PHD Students will also be available at certain times to hold discussions with numerous students. Interactive seminars given by PHD students, professors, and career specialists on different topics, ranging from career possibilities to intriguing topics such as “Do cars with bigger engines really use more gas?” will be given in an attempt to build a community-like environment for affiliated members. The club will always strive to build and maintain a professional relationship with departments both inside and outside of the University.


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Haseong Kim, President (2013-2014)


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