2016-17 Seminar Series

Seminar Series








The Departmental Seminar Series is a forum for researchers to
share their ideas and forge collaborative relationships.

There are usually no seminars during the summer or during exam weeks.

If you wish to invite a speaker (or speak yourself), or if you have any
questions/comments/suggestions, please contact christine@utstat.utoronto.ca.

All are welcome to attend.
We especially encourage graduate student participation at our Seminar Series.

Every effort will be made to ensure accessibility of our seminars.
If you have an accommodation need, please contact Christine Bulguryemez at 416-978-3490 or
christine@utstat.utoronto.ca and we will do our best to make appropriate arrangements.

Winter 2017

March 30, 2017
Speaker: Thierry Duchesne, The University of Laval
Abstract: Two-step estimation for mixed effects regression models: When old fashion repeats itself
Location: Room 2108, Sidney Smith Hall

April 6, 2017
Speaker: Holger Dette, Ruhr University, Bochum
Abstract: TBA
Location: Room 2108, Sidney Smith Hall


Past Seminars


January 23, 2017
Speaker: Daniel Simpson, University of Bath
Abstract: Towards a global, high-resolution model of air pollution
Time: 2:00pm (Refreshments at 1:30pm)
Location: Room 2127, Sidney Smith Hall
Host: PB

January 26, 2017
Speaker: Stefano Castruccio, Newcastle University
Abstract: Stochastic Approximations of Complex Deterministic Models: Environmental Applications
Time: 2:00pm (Refreshments at 1:30pm)
Location: Room 2108, Sidney Smith Hall
Host: JR

January 30, 2017
Speaker: Qiang Sun, Yale University
Abstract: A New Perspective On Robust Mean Regression
Time: 2:00pm (Refreshments at 1:30pm)
Location: Room 2127, Sidney Smith Hall
Host: DK

February 1, 2017
Speaker: Charlotte Haley, Argonne National Laboratory
Abstract: On Spatiotemporal Spectral Analysis
Time: 3:00pm (Refreshments at 2:30pm)
Location: Room 1069, Sidney Smith Hall
Host: NR

February 2, 2017
Speaker: Lina Lin, University of Washington
Abstract: A general framework for estimating high-dimensional non-Gaussian graphical models
Time: 3:30 (Refreshments at 3:00pm)
Location: Room 2108, Sidney Smith Hall
Host: DD

February 7, 2017
Speaker: Sebastian Engelke
Abstract: Robust bounds in multivariate extremes
Time: 3:30 (Refreshments at 3:15pm)
Location: Room 141, Ramsay Wright Laboratories
Host: RC

February 9, 2017
Speaker: Ryan Donnelly, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
Abstract: Optimal Decisions in a Time Priority Queue
Time: 3:30 (Refreshments at 3:15pm)
Location: Room 2108, Sidney Smith Hall
Host: Sheldon Lin

February 13, 2017
Speaker: Shahin Tavakoli, University of Cambridge
Abstract: Functional Data Analysis Driven By Modern Applications
Time: 3:30 (Refreshments at 3:15pm)
Location: Room 204, Innis College
Host: FY

February 14, 2017
Speaker: Ibrahim Ekren, ETH Zurich
Abstract: Portfolio Choice with Transient and Temporary Transaction Costs
Time: 3:30 (Refreshments at 3:15pm)
Location: Room 312, Innis College

February 16, 2017
Speaker: Yuchong Zhang, Columbia University
Abstract: Optimal Reward and Mean Field Game of Racing
Time: 3:30 (Refreshments at 3:15pm)
Location: Room 2108, Sidney Smith Hall

February 23, 2017
Speaker: Alexander Franks, University of Washington
Abstract: Information-sharing schemes for complex data analysis: examples from high-throughput biology and professional basketball
Time: 3:30 (Refreshments at 3:15pm)
Location: Room 2108, Sidney Smith Hall
Host: ME

February 28, 2017
Speaker: Rui Tuo, School of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
Abstract: A New Framework of calibration for computer models: parameterization and efficient estimation
Time: 3:30 (Refreshments at 3:15pm)
Location: Room 312, Innis College

March 23, 2017
Speaker: Yves Atchadé, University of Michigan
Abstract: Change-points estimation in large graphical models
Location: Room 2108, Sidney Smith Hall


September 22, 2016
Mireille Schnitzer, University of Montreal
Collaborative Targeted Learning Using Regression Shrinkage
Location: Room 2108, Sidney Smith Hall
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September 29, 2016
Speaker: Peter Craigmile, The Ohio State University
Abstract: Maximum likelihood estimation for stochastic differential equations using sequential Gaussian-process-based optimization
Location: Room 2108, Sidney Smith Hall
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October 6, 2016
Speaker: Roger Grosse, University of Toronto, Department of Computer Science
Abstract: Sandwiching the marginal likelihood using bidirectional Monte Carlo
Location: Room 2108, Sidney Smith Hall

October 13, 2016
Speaker: Jim Hobert, University of Florida
Abstract: Convergence Analysis of MCMC Algorithms for Bayesian Robust Multivariate Regression
Location: Room 2108, Sidney Smith Hall

October 20, 2016
Speaker: Martin Lysy, University of Waterloo
Abstract: Stochastic modeling of observables in nanoscopic systems
Location: Room 2108, Sidney Smith Hall

October 27, 2016
Speaker: Han Liu, Princeton University
Abstract: Combinatorial Inference
Location: Room 2108, Sidney Smith Hall

November 3, 2016
Speaker: Geoff Wodtke University of Toronto, Department of Sociology
Abstract: Regression-Based Adjustment For Time-Varying Confounders
Location: Room 2108, Sidney Smith Hall

November 10, 2016
Speaker: Marc Hallin, ECARES
Abstract: Monge-Kantorovich Ranks and Signs
Location: Room 2108, Sidney Smith Hall

November 17, 2016
Speaker: Mark Anthony Caruana, University of Malta
Abstract: Parameter Estimation for Lévy Processes
Location: Room 2108, Sidney Smith Hall

2016-2017 Distinguished Lecture Series in Statistical Sciences: Donald Rubin
November 23 – 24, 2016, The Fields Institute

December 1, 2016
Speaker: Barbara Engelhardt, Princeton University
Abstract: Structured factor models to find interpretable signal in genomic data
Location: Room 2108, Sidney Smith Hall


September 24, 2015       Sidney Smith Hall, Room 1087
Speaker: Einat Gil, University of Toronto
Abstract: Learning about Big Data among Secondary School Students in a technology-supported collaborative learning environment
Host: NR

October 1, 2015            Sidney Smith Hall, Room 1087
Speaker: Raymond Wong, Iowa State University
Abstract: A Frequentist Approach to Computer Model Calibration
Host: FY

October 8, 2015            Sidney Smith Hall, Room 1087
Speaker: Jonathan Gonzalez Salgado, The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)
Abstract: Optimal Asset Allocation for Defined Benefit Plans under a Heavy-Tailed-Coupled Portfolio
Host: AF

October 15, 2015            Sidney Smith Hall, Room 1087
Speaker: Armin Hatefi, University of Toronto
Abstract: Finite Mixture Modelling With Rank-Based Samples
Host: NR

October 22, 2015         Sidney Smith Hall, Room 1087
Speaker: Stanislav Volgushev, Cornell University 
Abstract: Distributed computing for quantile regression
Host: JS

October 29, 2015         Sidney Smith Hall, Room 1087
Speaker: Alessandra Salvan, University of Padua
Abstract: Inference From Pseudo Likelihoods With Plug-In Estimates
Host: NR

November 5, 2015         Sidney Smith Hall, Room 1087
Speaker: Andrey Feuerverger
Abstract: Goodness-of-Fit for Operational Risk (or: GoF for OpRisk)
Host: AF

November 12, 2015         Sidney Smith Hall, Room 1087
Speaker: Todd Kuffner, Washington University in St. Louis
Abstract: A Unified Framework for Bayes Factor Asymptotics
Host: NR

November 19, 2015         Sidney Smith Hall, Room 1087
Speaker: Richard Cook, University of Waterloo
Abstract: Inference about the within-family association in disease onset times under biased sampling schemes
Host: PB

*November 26, 2015         *Fields Institute  at 3:15pm*
Speaker: Valerie Isham, University College, London
Abstract: Workshop on Evolving Marked Point Processes with Application to Wildland Fire Regime Modeling
Host: PB

December 3, 2015         Sidney Smith Hall, Room 1087
Speaker: Duncan Murdoch, University of Western Ontario
Abstract: Recent Developments in rgl
Host: PB

*Seminars September to December 2015 held in Room SS 1087*

December 10, 2015         Sidney Smith Hall, Room 1087
Speaker: Veronica J. Vieland, The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital & The Ohio State University
Abstract: Measurement of Statistical Evidence in Scientific Applications
Host: Mike Evans and Lisa Strug

January 14, 2016           Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2106
Speaker: Andrew Finley, Michigan State University
Abstract: Process-based hierarchical models for coupling high-dimensional LiDAR and forest variables over large geographic domains
Host: PB

January 21, 2016 (2 seminars at 1:30pm and 3:30pm. See listings for locations)

Time: 1:30pm  (refreshments at 1:15pm)
Location: Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2128
Speaker: Stanislav Volgushev, Cornell University
Abstract: Quantile-based spectral analysis
Host: JS

Time: 3:30pm (refreshments at 3:15pm)
Location: Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2106
Speaker: Christoph Frei, University of Alberta
Abstract: Systemic Influences on Optimal Investment in Stocks and Credit Default Swaps
Host: JS

January 28, 2016 (2 seminars at 1:30pm and 3:30pm. See listings for locations)

Time: 1:30pm  (refreshments at 1:15pm)
Location: Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2128
Speaker: Dehan Kong, University of North Carolina
Abstract: High-dimensional Matrix Linear Regression Model
Host: JS

Time: 3:30pm (refreshments at 3:15pm)
Location: Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2106
Speaker: Yu-Jui Huang, Dublin City University
Abstract: Time-Consistent Stopping
Host: JS

February 4, 2016           Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2106
Speaker: Tim Leung, Columbia University
Abstract: Optimal Multiple Stopping Problems Under Mean-Reverting Dynamics
Host: JS

February 8, 2016           Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2129
Speaker: Ningyuan Chen, Yale School of Management
Abstract: A partitioning algorithm for Markov decision processes with applications to market microstructure
Host: JS

February 11, 2016           Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2106
Speaker: Zhou Zhou, University of Minnesota
Abstract: Arbitrage and hedging with American options
Host: JS

February 16, 2016           Sidney Smith Hall, 1084
Speaker: Sveinn Olafsson, University of California Santa Barbara
Abstract: Short-term asymptotic properties of option prices and implied volatility under financial models with jumps and stochastic volatility
Host: JS

February 18, 2016           Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2106
Speaker: Mike Ludkovski, University of California Santa Barbara
Abstract: Simulation Design for Stochastic Control: from American Options to Epidemics Detection
Host: JS

February 25, 2016  1:30pm          Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2102
Speaker: Yaoliang Yu, Carnegie Mellon University
Abstract: The Computational, Statistical and Practical Aspects of Machine Learning
Host: JS

February 25, 2016  3:30pm          Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2106
Speaker: Luke Bornn, Simon Fraser University
Abstract: From Pixels to Points: Using Tracking Data to Measure Performance in Professional Sports
Host: RC

March 3, 2016           Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2106
Peisong Han, University of Waterloo
Multiple Robustness In Missing Data Analysis

March 9, 2016    1:30pm       Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2125
Tuo Zhao, Johns Hopkins University
Compute Faster and Learn Better: Machine Learning via Nonconvex Model-based Optimization
Host: JS

March 10, 2016           Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2106
David Bailey, University of Toronto
The Uncertainties of Scientific Measurements
Host: JR

March 17, 2016           Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2106
Speaker: Jason Loeppky, University of British Columbia
Abstract: Bayesian Experiment Design for Uncertainty Quantification
Host: PB

March 31, 2016           Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2106
Speaker: Andrea Riebler, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Abstract: Estimation and extrapolation of time trends in registry data using Bayesian age-period-cohort models
Host: PB

April 7, 2016           Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2106 at 3:10pm
Graduate Student Seminars
Host: FY

April 21, 2016           Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2106
Speaker: Jonathan Huggins, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Abstract: Truncated Random Measures
Host: DR

April 28, 2016           Sidney Smith Hall, Room 1073
Speaker: Yves Tillé, University of Neuchâtel
Abstract: How to choose the best sampling design?
Host: NR

May 12, 2016           Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2127
Speaker: Charles Rohde, Johns Hopkins University
Abstract: Likelihood Methods in Statistics
Host: Lisa Strug


March 23-27, 2015        HEALTH POLICY AT FIELDS INSTITUTE       

Workshop on Big Data in Health Policy

Wednesday, March 25, 3.30 pm – The Fields Institute, Room 230
Big Data, Big Brother, and Systemic Risk Measurement and Management
Speaker: Professor Andrew Lo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


April 7-9, 2-15
Thematic Program on Statistical Inference, Learning, and Models for Big Data
MICHAEL JORDAN, University of California, Berkeley
April 7, 3:30 pm
April 8, 3:30 pm
April 9, 11:00 am


Terry Speed, Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Melbourne
General Lecture: April 9, 3:30pm   Epigenetics: A New Frontier
Specialized Lecture: April 10, 11:00am  Normalization of Omic Data After 2007
For more information, please visit: www.fields.utoronto.ca/programs/scientific/14-15/DLSS/

April 13 – 16, 2015   SOCIAL POLICY AT FIELDS    Workshop on Big Data for Social Policy


Machine Learning for Big Data at The Fields Institute

Speakers: Dr. Robert Bell, Researcher, Google    Dr. Alekh Agarwal, Researcher, Microsoft   Dr. Kevin Patrick Murphy, Researcher, Google

For more information, please visit: www.fields.utoronto.ca/programs/scientific/14-15/gradresearch

Bell, Agarwal, Murphy

April 21 – 24  CANSSI Workshop on Complex Spatio-temporal Data Structures  http://www.fields.utoronto.ca/programs/scientific/14-15/datastructures/index.html



 April 29 – 30  WORKSHOP ON BIG DATA IN COMMERCIAL AND RETAIL BANKING  http://www.fields.utoronto.ca/programs/scientific/14-15/data-in-banking/

September 11, 2014
Speaker: David Bickel, University of Ottawa
Abstract: Inference After Checking Multiple Bayesian Models For Data Conflict
Host: ME

September 18, 2014
Speaker: Hao Chen, University of California, Davis
Abstract: Change-point Detection For Multivariate and Object Data
Host: ZZ

September 25, 2014
No seminar today

October 2, 2014
Speaker: Professor Yang Feng, Columbia University
Abstract: Model Selection in High-Dimensional Misspecified Models
Host: FY

October 9, 2014
Speaker: Professor Song-Xi Chen, Iowa State University
Abstract: Band Width Selection for High Dimensional Covariance Matrix Estimation
Host: FY

October 16, 2014
Speaker: Luai M.S. Al Labadi, United Arab Emirates University
Abstract: Two-Sample Bayesian Nonparametric Goodness Of Fit Test
Host: ME

October 23, 2014
Speaker: Aleksandra Slavkovic, Pennsylvania State University
Abstract: Private analysis of social networks: Differentially private β-model and synthetic graphs
Host: NR

October 30, 2014
Speaker: Rafal Kulik, University of Ottawa
Abstract: Heavy Tailed Time Series With Extremal Independence
Host: ZZ

November 6, 2014
Speaker: Cody Severinski
Abstract: User Networks as Constraints in Bayesian Probabilistic Matrix Factorization
Host: JS

November 13, 2014 
Speaker: Adelchi Azzalini, Universita di Padova
Abstract: A Strange Case In Asymptotics
Host: NR

Speakers: Lingling Fan, Tadeu Ferreira, Zhen Qin, Dameng Tang, Jinyoung Yang, Jialin Zou
Abstracts: Graduate Student Abstracts
Host: SJ

November 27, 2014       NEW TIME AND NEW ROOM!!!   2:00pm  in  Room 2101, Sidney Smith Hall
Speaker: Hau-Tieng Wu, Department of Mathematics
Abstract: Medical data analysis by Modern Signal Processing Techniques
Host: NR

December 4, 2014
Speaker: Yee Whye Teh, University of Oxford
Abstract: Rediscovery of Good-Turing Estimators via Bayesian Nonparametrics
Host: DR

December 12, 2014                NEW TIME   Refreshments served at 10:00am
Speaker: Mathieu Boudriault, UQAM
Time: 10:30am-11:30am
Abstract: Estimation of correlations in portfolio credit risk models based on noisy security prices
Host: SJ


January 8, 2015
Speaker: Olli Saarela, University of Toronto
Abstract: Case-base Methods for Studying Vaccination Safety
Host: JS

DEEP LEARNING PROGRAM AT FIELDS       January 12 – 23, 2015 Opening Conference and Boot Camp

January 15, 2015         TO BE HELD AT FIELDS    3:30pm
Speaker: Alexandra M. Schmidt, IM-UFRJ, Brazil
Abstract: An overview of covariance structures for spatial and spatio-temporal processes
January 22, 2015      TO BE HELD AT FIELDS    3:30pm
Speaker: Sham Kakade, Microsoft
Abstract: Tradeoffs in large scale learning: statistical accuracy vs. numerical precision

MACHINE LEARNING PROGRAM AT FIELDS       Jan 26 – 30 January 26 – 30, 2015 Workshop on Big Data and Statistical Machine Learning

January 29, 2015

February 5, 2015
Speaker: Ruodu Wang, University of Waterloo
Abstract: Recent Developments In Dependence Uncertainty
Host: AB

OPTIMIZATION PROGRAM AT FIELDS       Feb 09 – 13 February 9 – 13 , 2015 Workshop on Optimization and Matrix Methods in Big Data

READING WEEK February 17 – 20, 2014

VISUALIZATION PROGRAM AT FIELDS       February 23 – 27, 2015 Workshop on Visualization for Big Data: Strategies and Principles

Wednesday February 25
Blyth Lecture Series 2015  – Lecture I
4:30   *BA1130
David Donoho
, Stanford University
Public Lecture: What’s the Big Deal about “Big Data”? Emergent Phenomena in High-Dimensional Data AnalysisThis event takes place at BA1130 (Bahen Center). Reception will precede the talk at 3:30 p.m. in the Department of Mathematics lounge (40 St. George St., 6th floor.)
Thursday February 26
Remco Chang, Tufts University
Big Data Visual Analytics: A User-Centric Approach2:00pm-3:00pmBlyth Lecture Series 2015
David Donoho
, Stanford University4:10pm
Lecture II (Fields Institute Room 230)
Friday February 27
Note: Blyth Lecture Series 2015 David Donoho, Stanford University3:10pm
Lecture III (Fields Institute Room 230)

March 5, 2015
Speaker: Shota Katayama, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Abstract: Sparse linear regression analysis with outliers in the response vector
Host: MS

March 12, 2015
Speaker: Boumediene Hamzi, Imperial College London
Abstract: Embedology for Control and Random Dynamical Systems in
Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces
Host: NR

March 19, 2015   POSTPONED
Joint Fields – Statistical Sciences Big Data Seminars
Graduate Student Seminars
Thursday Mar 19th at 3:30pm
Fields Institute, Stewart Library


Past Seminars 2013-14

January 9, 2014
No Seminar

January 16, 2014
Speaker: Rebecca Nugent, Carnegie-Mellon University
Abstract: Solving the Identity Crisis:  Large-Scale Clustering with Distributions of Distances with Applications in Record Linkage
Host: NR

January 22, 2014  NEW TIME: 4:00pm  NEW LOCATION: SS 1086
Speaker: Vova Vinogradov
Abstract: On Poisson-Erlang Levy Processes
Host: AF

January 23, 2014
No Seminar

January 30, 2014
Speaker: Dr. Aaron Smith, Tutte Institute for Mathematics and Computing
Abstract: Efficiency Bounds and Concentration Inequalities for Adaptive Samplers
Host: RS

February 6, 2014
Seminar rescheduled for Tuesday February 25th

February 11, 2014  **Location: SS 2118
Speaker: Dr. Arash Amini, University of Michigan
Abstract: Pseudo-Likelihood Methods For Community Detection In Large Sparse Networks
Host: RS

February 13, 2014
Speaker: Dr. Daniel Roy, University of Cambridge
Abstract: Computational Foundations of Bayesian Inference and Probabilistic Programming
Host: RS

February 25, 2014    **Location Change: Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2125**
Speaker: Dr. Lizhen Lin, Duke University
Abstract: Shape Constrained Regression Using Gaussian Process Projections
Host: RS

February 27, 2014
Speaker: Dr. Tamara Broderick, UC Berkeley
Abstract: Feature Allocations, Paintboxes, and Probability Functions
Host: RS

March 6, 2014
Speaker: Dr. Alex Kreinin, Head of Quantitative Research, RFE Risk Analytics, Business Analytics IBM  (CANCELLED)
Abstract: Backward Simulation of Poisson Processes
Host: SJ

March 13, 2014
Speaker: Veronika Rockova, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
EMVS: The EM Approach to Bayesian Variable Selection

March 20, 2014
Graduate Student Seminars
Host: SJ

March 27, 2014
Speaker: Jingchen Liu, Columbia University
Statistical Inference for Diagnostic Classification Models
Host: RC

April 3, 2014
Speaker: Ben Taylor, University of Lancaster
Bayesian Inference and Data Augmentation Schemes for Spatial, Spatiotemporal and Multivariate Log-Gaussian Cox Processes in R

June 11, 2014
Speaker: Dr. Mehdi Molkaraie
Abstract: Partition Function of the Ising Model via Factor Graph Duality
Host: ME

June 18, 2014
Speaker: Jabed H Tomal, Post-doctoral Fellow, The University of British Columbia
Abstract: Ensembling Classification Models Based on Phalanxes of Variables with Applications in Drug Discovery
Host: ME


Past Seminars 2013

April 4, 2013
Speaker: Graduate Student Seminar
Graduate Student Seminars – Abstracts
Host: RS

April 11, 2013
Speaker: Vanja Dukic, University of Colorado – Boulder
Tracking Epidemics with Google Flu Trends Data and a State-Space SEIR Model
Host: RC

September 19, 2013
Speaker: Hongyuan Cao, University of Chicago
Abstract: Analysis of Sparse Asynchronous Longitudinal Data
Host: ZZ

September 26, 2013
Speaker: Hua Liang, George Washington University
Generalized Additive Partial Linear Models With High-dimensional Covariates
Host: NR

October 3, 2013
Speaker: Yehua Li, Iowa State University
Functional Principal Component Analysis of Spatial-Temporal Point Processes with Applications in Disease Surveillance
Host: FY

October 10, 2013, 4pm: Robert Gentleman, Senior Director, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Genentech Inc.  “Computationally Intensive Biology Problems”

October 17, 2013
Speaker: Anne-Sophie Charest, Laval University
Abstract: Statistical Disclosure Control and the Contributions of Differential Privacy
Host: JR

October 24, 2013
Speaker: Joel Dubin, University of Waterloo
Abstract: Challenges in modeling longitudinal smoking cessation data, and a proposed approach for modelling multivariate longitudinal data from smoking cessation studies
Host: JR

Tuesday October 29, 2013  PLEASE NOTE LOCATION: SS 2124A
Speaker: Saharon Rosset
Isotonic Modeling: Methodology and Applications
Host: RS

October 31, 2013
Christian Robert, Universite Paris-Dauphine
ABC and Bayesian Model Choice
Host: RC

November 7, 2013
Speaker: Jessi Cisewski, Carnegie Mellon University
Abstract: Mapping the Intergalactic Medium using Lyman-alpha Forest Data
Host: JR

November 14, 11 am Fields Institute

November 15, 2013 11 am Fields Institute
Xiao-li Meng, Harvard University

November 28, 2013
Graduate Student Seminars

December 5, 2013
No Seminar

January 5, 2012

Join seminar with STAGE (tentative)

January 12, 2012
No Seminar

January 19, 2012
Speaker: Xiao-Li Meng Harvard University
Statistical Education and Educating Statisticians: Producing wine connoisseurs and master winemakers
Host: AG

January 20, 2012
(2:30-4:00 p.m. SS1073)
Speaker: Xiao-Li Meng Harvard University
The kick is in the residual (augmentation)!
Host: AG

January 26, 2012
Speaker: Mu Zhu University of Waterloo
Ensemble Learning: Classification and Variable Selection
Host: RC

February 2, 2012 – No Seminar

February 9, 2012

Speaker: Xiaoping Shi, Department of Statistics
A novel and fast methodology for simultaneous multiple structural break estimation and variable selection for nonstationary time series models
Location: SS1069
Host: NR

February 16, 2012
Speaker: Alex Bloemendal
Location: SS1069
Host: BV

February 23, 2012 – No Seminar

March 1, 2012
Speaker: Hanna Jankovski York University

Asymptotics of the discrete log-concave maximum likelihood estimator

Host: RC

March 8, 2012 – No Seminar

March 15, 2012
Speaker: Yongtao Guan, University of Miami
Optimal intensity estimation of the intensity function of an inhomogeneous spatial point process
Host: ZZ

March 22, 2012
Seminars will begin at 3:10pm sharp!
Graduate Student Seminars
Host: SJ
Edwin Lei, PhD candidate, year 2
Jason Ricci, PhD candidate, year 2
Zeynep Baskurt, PhD candidate, year 4
Alex Shestopalo ff, PhD candidate, year 4
Avideh Sabeti, PhD candidate, year 4
Ramya Thinniyam, PhD candidate, year 4
Chunyi Wang, PhD candidate, year 4
Ximing Xu, PhD candidate, year 4

March 29, 2012
Speaker: Pengfei Li University of Waterloo
Hypothesis testing in finite mixture models: from the likelihood ratio test to EM-Test
Host: FY

April 5, 2012
Speaker: Zhibiao Zhao Penn State
Host: ZZ

May 3, 2012
Joint seminar with STAGE (tentative)

September 20, 2012
Speaker: H. Helen Zhang, North Carolina State University
Identify Interactions for Ultra-high Dimensional Data
Host: JS

September 27, 2012
Speaker: Kavita Ramanan, Brown University
On The Hard Core Model and Its Applications
Host: JR

October 4, 2012
Speaker: No speaker event scheduled.

October 5, 2012  (12:00 – 1:00 p.m)
Speaker: Dr. Sharon Browning, Washington Seattle
Identity by Descent in “Unrelated” Individuals
Joint seminar with STAGE
Location: The Hospital for Sick Children, CDIU Multimedia Theatre, Room 4132, 4th Floor, Elm Elevators, 555 University Avenue

October 11, 2012
Speaker: Mike West, Duke University
Dynamic Latent Threshold Modelling
Host: JS

October 18, 2012
Speaker: Yufeng Liu, UNC Chapel Hill
Statistical Significance of Clustering for High Dimensional Data
Host: FY

October 25, 2012
Speaker: Zhiqiang Tan, Rutgers University
Resampling Markov Chain Monte Carlo Algorithms: Basic Analysis and Empirical Comparisons
Host: RC

November 1, 2012
Speaker: Peter Song, University of Michigan
Merging Multiple Longitudinal Studies with Study-Specific Missing Covariates: A Joint Estimating Function Approach
Host: FY

November 8, 2012
Speaker: Johanna G. Nešlehová, McGill University
Copula-based Inference for Discrete or Mixed Data
Host: RC

November 15, 2012
Speaker: Simon Bonner, University of Kentucky
Mark-recapture of Whale Sharks with Multiple, Natural Marks: A Bayesian Approach
Host: JR

November 22, 2012
Speaker: S. Ejaz Ahmed, Brock University
Relative Performance of Absolute Penalty and Shrinkage Estimation in Weibull Censored Regression Models

November 29, 2012   CANCELLED
Speaker: John Lafferty, University of Chicago
Graph Estimation
Host: RS

December 6, 2012
Speaker: Norman Breslow, University of Washington
Clinical Trials and Epidemiology: Reflections of the Statistician for the National Wilms Tumor Study
DLSS Fields Institute, Room 230, 3:30 p.m.

December 7, 2012
Speaker: Norman Breslow, University of Washington
Inference on Hazard Ratios and Survival Probabilities from Two-phase Stratified Samples
DLSS Fields Institute, Room 230, 10:00 a.m.


September 8, 2011
Orientation week (no seminar)

September 22, 2011
Speaker: Gareth Roberts University of Warwick
Retrospective simulation
Host: JR

September 29, 2011
Speaker: Rob Deardon University of Guelph
Efficient forms of individual-level models for large-scale spatial infectious disease systems
Host: RC

October 6, 2011

October 13, 2011
Speaker: Wenguang Sun University of Southern California
Large-Scale Multiple Testing Under Dependence and Beyond
Host: ZZ

October 20, 2011
New TA Training

October 27, 2011
Speaker: Jiahua Chen University of British Columbia
Properties of the Adjusted Empirical Likelihood
Host: SL


November 3, 2011
Speaker: Paul McNicholas University of Guelph
Non-Gaussian model-based clustering and classification
Host: NR

November 10, 2011
Speaker: Zhibiao Zhao Penn State University
Efficient Regressions via Optimally Combining Quantile Information
Host: ZZ

November 17, 2011
Speaker: Jan Hannig UNC Chapel Hill
On Generalized Fiducial Inference
Host: NR

November 24, 2011
Speaker: Graduate Student Seminar
Detecting Pleiotropic Effect via Bayesian Latent Variable ModelingA general statistical framework for analyzing rare variantsSurvey Design and Data Analysis with Embedded Experiments
Host: KK

December 1, 2011
Joint Seminar with STAGE (tentative)

December 8, 2011
Speaker: Chris Wild University of Auckland
Visualising randomisation and the bootstrap
Host: AG

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