version 1, April, 2011
Copyright(C) Elif Acar, Lei Sun

GKW.test is a R function that implements the the Generalized Kruskal-Wallis test proposed to incorporate group uncertainty into the classical rank-based test (Acar and Sun, 2010). The extended test statistic is based on probability-weighted rank-sums and follows an asymptotic chi-square distribution with k-1 degrees of freedom under the null hypothesis.

The work here was originally motivated by the analysis of imputed SNPs in genome-wide association studies (GWAS), application of the proposed method however is not limited to this type of data, suitable for analyses of other genetic markers including variants identified in the next-generation sequencing (NGS) experiments, and goes beyond studies of genetic data.

Contact: Elif Fidan Acar, elif at utstat dot toronto dot edu or Lei Sun, sun at utstat dot toronto dot edu