The Career Centre in the Koffler Building at 214 College Street is the first place to check for employment opportunites. Along with listings of jobs available, the Career Centre provides other services, including help with resume preparation. Any job information sent to the Department of Statistics from the Career Centre will be posted here, and will be kept here for several weeks. Occasionally employers contact the Dept. of Statistics directly with job openings - this may occur at times other than the standard January-February recruitment period. These jobs will also be posted here for a few weeks after they have been received.

1. Canada Life Assurance Company , posted Oct. 17, 1996
2. Allstate Insurance , posted Oct. 21, 1996
3. Insurance Bureau of Canada , posted Oct. 31, 1996
4. Noranda , posted Nov. 4, 1996
5. Synchronous , posted Nov. 15, 1996
6. Hewitt Associates , posted Nov. 21, 1996
7. Manulife Financial , posted Nov. 25, 1996
8. Maritime Life Insurance Company , posted Nov. 25, 1996
9. HR Resources Employment Services , posted Dec. 3, 1996
10. Manulife Financial , posted Jan. 7, 1997
11. Towers Perrin , posted Jan. 7, 1997
12. William M. Mercer , posted Jan. 7, 1997
13. Martineau Provencher , posted Jan. 22, 1997
14. Sedgwick Global , posted Jan. 23, 1997
15. The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Co, Feb. 19, 1997
16. Winklevoss Consultants, received Mar. 12, 1997, Benefits consulting company located in Greenwich, Connecticut, US. Contact Shannan Donohue, 203-661-0275
17. KPMG Benefit Consultants, rec'd Mar. 12, 1997
18. MLH&A, Pension Consulting, rec'd Mar. 20, 1997, contact Prof. Broverman for information
19. NCCI (National Council on Compensation Insurance), rec'd via e-mail on Apr. 3, 1997. This is a Property/Casualty company located in Boca Raton, Florida with offices in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California. Minimum SOA Exams 100 and 110. FAX resume to NCCI, attn: AACAS, 561-997-4112. Check their homepage at www.ncci.com .
20. Markel Insurance Co of Canada. Rec'd Apr 4, 1997. Seeking recent graduate with degree in ActSci or Stats. See job posting at Career Centre.
21. Aetna Life Insurance Co of Canada. Rec'd Apr 4, 1997. Seeking fully bilingual (English/French) recent graduate for actuarial analyst position. See job posting at Career Centre.
22. The Ohio Casualty Insurance Group, rec'd April 21, 1997. Seeking entry level actuarial student with minimum GPA of 3.0, and minimum 1 CAS/SOA exam passed. Located in Hamilton, Ohio. See posting outside Dept. of Stat. Office.
23. The Alexander Consulting Group, Vancouver, BC, contact Joan Fitch, 604-688-8591 (min 100 SOA/CAS credits), rec'd May 21, 1997
24. Munich Reinsurance Co, Toronto, contact Lloyd Milani, 359-2329, rec'd May 23, 1997
25. The Empire Life Insurance Co. Rec'd June 19, 1997. See job posting at Career Centre.
26. The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Co. Rec'd June 19, 1997. See job posting at Career Centre.
27. AXA Insurance. Rec'd Aug. 1, 1997. See job posting at Career Centre.
28, Pension Commission of Ontario. 3-4 month contract position. Rec'd Aug. 21, 1997. Contact Jerry Loterman, 314-0561 .

Summer Employment Opportunities

1. Allianz Canada. Rec'd July 2, 1997. Contact Suzanne Salvatori at 416-969-7739 .

Professional Experience Year

The Professional Experience Year program consists of a work term of 12 to 16 months between the 3rd and 4th year for a student in the Specialist Program in Actuarial Science. For information about the PEY program, contact the program office in the Sandford Fleming Building, Room B740, 10 King's College Road (telephone 978-3132). The following PEY work term postings have been received recently.
1. Towers Perrin , actuarial consulting firm.
2. Canada Life Assurance Co.
3. International Order of Foresters, insurance company (application deadline Mar. 21/97)

Actuarial Science Specialist Co-op Program

The recently introduced ActSci Co-op program is designed to provide two alternating 4-month work and study terms during the 3rd and 4th years of the ActSci Specialist Program. The Department of Statistics is currently promoting this program to potential industry participants. Students interested in this program should talk to one of the faculty members in the ActSci Program (Prof. Broverman or Prof. Chan). The following ActSci Co-op postings have been received recently. Students interested in these postings should submit a resume and transcript to the Dept. of Statistics Office (SS 6016) by the listed deadline date.

1. Prudential of America Life Insurance Company of Canada, Received Mar. 19, 1997, submit resumes by Mar. 28, 1997.

Mailing of Resume Booklet

For the 1996 graduating class of the Actuarial Science Specialist Program, a booklet of resumes was compiled and sent to a number of the major employers of actuaries in Canada. This endeavour met with reasonable success, and a similar mailing is planned for the 1997 graduating class. In addition, information on 3rd and 2nd year students in the program will be included in the mailing to help match students to summer internships. If you wish to have your resume included in the mailing, please fill out an information form at the Dept. of Statistics office in Room 6018 (6th floor) of the Sidney Smith Building. There is a $20 charge for graduating students and a $10 charge for 2nd or 3rd year students to have their resumes included in the booklet. The mailing is planned for mid-January, 1997. Please have your resume information submitted by Jan. 6, 1997.

Other Sources of Information

The world wide web has many pages devoted to employment. The following links are to employment-related sites. Some of the sites may require a registration fee for the services that are provided.

Another approach is to use the web-browser's search function, with the keyword "employment". You'll find pages such as the Monster Job Page .

The Society of Actuaries has a resume matching service. For more information click SoA-Resume .


Company: Risk Concepts has an entry level actuarial position open. Contact Bill Yit at (416) 486-5464 ext. 322 .
Date Received: Jan. 20, 1997 .

Date Received: