The Theory of Design of Experiments

D. R. Cox and N. Reid


This book gives a systematic account of the theory underlying experiment design, focusing on key concepts rather than on methods of data analysis. It presents illustrations from a range of applications, and includes extensive bibliographic notes covering historical development and current research. The published version gives an Appendix with code in the statistical software package S-Plus; this has since been updated to R.

Table of Contents

  1. Some general concepts
  2. Avoidance of bias
  3. Control of haphazard variation
  4. Specialized blocking techniques
  5. Factorial designs: basic ideas
  6. Factorial designs: further topics
  7. Optimal design
  8. Some additional topics
    A: Statistical analysis
    B: Some algebra
    C: Computational issues    A new version in R is available here in .pdf


Available here as a .pdf file

Appendix C