STA 2201S: Applied Statistics II Spring 2014

Final exam with solutions.

HW 4 deadline is extended to Monday, April 14, 5 pm. No extensions can be given beyond this date and time.

Some clarifications for HW 4:
  • for Q1, it is best to work conditionally on \(w_i\). If you make the substitution \( x_j = w_j - u_j\) in the regression model, note that the error no longer has mean zero, and it is correlated with the covariate.
  • for Q3, there are several ways to plot the sex coefficient as a function of other smoothing coefficients, and any version you choose is fine, as long as you're clear about what you did.
HW4, Q3, refers to Peng et al. (2006), referenced in the slides of March 21: Here is the paper.

HW 2 Solutions

Homework 4 due before 5 pm, April 14
Latex source (amended March 21, 1.49pm)
Homework 3 due March 21, 2 pm. Latex source
Homework 2 due February 28, 2 pm.
Homework 1 due February 7, 2 pm.

April 4

  • Slides. You are not responsible for any topics shaded in gray.

March 28

March 21

March 14

March 7

February 28

  • Slides (updated 1.30, Feb 28)
  • Annotated
  • Yi Lu's slides
  • CBC News on cheating
  • Paper by Christensen Hughes on survey form 2002-2003.
  • For the PSID data, the degrees of freedom in the output are a bit mysterious. After much exploring, it seems that the calculation of these 'denominator' degrees of freedom is anything but straightforward. There are good discussions here and here, and Faraway has updated his book with a post here. A nice tutorial on mixed effects models by John Fox is here.

February 14

February 7

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January 24

January 17

January 10

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Statistical Models by A.C. Davison.


You are welcome to use the statistical computing package of your choice, but I will refer exclusively to the R computing package. Some online resources that I've found helpful are: