Doctoral Students

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Evgeny Levi (Oct '14 - now) Myriam Brossard (Sept 2017 - now)
Wei Deng (July '14 - now) Caren Hasler (Sept '15 - Aug '16)
Osvaldo Espin-Garcia (Co-supervised with Prof. Shelley Bull, July '14 - now) Zhijian Chen (Sept '10 - August '13)
Reihaneh Entezari (Co-Supervised with Prof. J.S. Rosenthal and P. Brown, January '14 - now)
Bo Chen (Co-supervised with Prof. L. Sun, September '13 - now)
Jinyoung Yang (Co-supervised with Prof. J.S. Rosenthal - Graduated in September '16)
Thesis: Convergence and Efficiency of Adaptive MCMC
Avideh Sabeti (Graduated in June '13)
Thesis: Bayesian Inference for Bivariate Conditional Copula Models with Continuous or Mixed Outcomes
Lizhen Xu (Co-supervised with Prof. L. Sun - Graduated in September '12)
Thesis: Bayesian Methods for Genetic Association Studies
Li Li (Co-supervised with Prof. F. Yao - Graduated in September '11)
Thesis: Model Selection via Minimum Description Length
Elif Acar (Co-supervised with Prof. F. Yao - Graduated in September '10)
Thesis: Nonparametric Estimation and Inference for the Copula parameter in Conditional Copulas
Antonio Fabio di Narzo (Visiting PhD student from University of Bologna, Sept '08 - March '09; Graduated in March 2010)
Thesis: Adaptive Markov Chain Monte Carlo: A New Mixture Based Algorithm with Applications to Bayesian Modeling
Chao Yang (Co-supervised with Prof. J. Rosenthal - Graduated in December '08)
Thesis: Ergodicity of Adaptive MCMC and its Applications