Selected Conference/Seminar Talks

  1. Bayesian Inference for Conditional Copula Models -- Centre de Recherches Mathematiques, Montreal, 2017.

  2. Design strategies for Adaptive MCMC -- Stat. Society of Canada Meeting, 2016.

  3. Bayesian Latent Variable Modelling of Longitudinal Family Data for Genetic Pleiotropy Studies -- INRA, Toulouse, 2015.

  4. Bayesian Inference for Conditional Copula models with Continuous and Binary Responses -- Departement de Mathematiques, Universite Montpellier, 2014.

  5. Interacting Multiple-Try Metropolis Sampling -- Joint Statistical Meetings, San Diego, 2012.

  6. Recent Advances in Regional Adaptation for MCMC -- Adapskiii, Utah 2011.

  7. Nonparametric Covariate Adjustment for Receiver Operating Characteristic Curves -- The 1st IMS Asia Pacific Rim Meeting, Seoul 2009.

  8. On the Choice of Parametric Families of Copulas -- Workshop on Current Trends and Challenges in Model Selection and Related areas, Vienna 2008.

  9. Learn from Thy Neighbor: Parallel-Chain Adaptive MCMC -- Department of Statistics, University of British Columbia 2008.

  10. QMC for MCMC -- Statistics and Probability Society of Romania Meeting, Bucharest 2007.

  11. Randomized Quasi-Monte Carlo for MCMC -- 3rd MCMC Workshop, Harvard 2007.

  12. Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: Statistical Methods for False Discovery Control -- Statistical Society of Canada Meeting, London 2006.

  13. Estimation and Model Selection for the Competing Risks Model with Masked Causes of Failure -- Department of Statistics, Toronto 2005.