Sta107 - An Introduction to Probability and Modelling   [Fall 2003]

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Lecturer: Radu Craiu

Lecture location and time: BA 1160; M,W and F: 11:10am - 12pm
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Introduction to the theory of probability, with emphasis on the construction of discrete probability models for applications. After this course, students are expected to understand the concept of randomness and aspects of its mathematical representation. Topics include random variables, Venn diagrams, discrete probability distributions, expectation and variance, independence, conditional probability, continuous distributions, the central limit theorem.

Textbook : Fundamentals of Probability, by Saeed Ghahramani


  • 40% 2 Midterms - October 8 and November 12
  • 40% 2 hours Final Exam
  • 20% Homeworks (there will be two homeworks assigned).


  • Practice problems will be assigned in class and will be discussed during tutorials
  • The teaching assistants keep the record of your grades.
  • The distribution of tutorials is done using the first letter of your last name and is as follows:
    • Letters A to G -> Section A -> Wednesdays 12 to 1pm SS 1072
    • Letters H to P -> Section B -> Wednesdays 12 to 1pm SS1074
    • Letters Q to Z -> Section C -> Thursday 11am to 12pm SS1070

    Office Hours

  • All office hours are held in the Statstics Aid Center (SS 2133).


  • The co-requisite MAT135 or higher is strictly enforced. Acceptable alternatives include any MAT course at the second year level or higher.

    Missed Midterm

  • If one of the midterms is missed because of illness, an official University of Toronto 'Student medical Certificate' (available at the office of your college registrar) is required. This must be filled out by a qualified licensed physician and submitted to the instructor. In such a case, the final grade will be calculated based on the existing midterm. If both midterms are missed due to illness then the second midterm will be rescheduled.